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Learn how Mindgram can help you find intelligent answers to complex legal, regulatory and policy questions.

Introducing Mindgram

  • by shrey verma
  • Nov 20, 2020
  • 4 MIN READ

Wall Street has traditionally relied on human analysts and reporters to map political and regulatory risks emanating from Washington. From my own experience as an analyst, it is clear to me that traditional models of Washington-driven investment research are outdated, constrained in their scope, and only solve a fraction of the overall research problem set.

The scale and complexity of information generated by various governmental and quasi-governmental institutions means that this human-driven approach to policy and regulatory analysis faces an inherent limitation. There is an urgent need to turn this model on its head: to put smart, context-aware AI at the center of analytical research and idea-generation complemented by human intervention at the periphery.

Today, I’m excited to introduce Mindgram.

At Mindgram, we are building machine learning systems that can process large datasets and vast amounts of unstructured textual information - legal documents, patent filings, federal regulations, company press releases, congressional reports and scientific literature among others – to create a more comprehensive map of risks and opportunities associated with publicly-traded companies.

Our initial focus has centered on development of two beta products: 1) Clinical Edge™ and 2) Patent Edge™.

Clinical Edge™ is a research product designed for investors and business development teams to analyze ongoing clinical trials, FDA regulatory timelines, and potential M&A opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. We have combined domain expertise with cutting-edge NLP to build a smart engine that tracks the latest updates in the clinical trials arena, monitors FDA-related timelines and regulatory catalysts, and identifies lead companies to make insightful, logical connections between millions of scientific data points.

Clinical Edge™ Dashboard
Clinical Edge™ News Catalysts

With Patent Edge™, we aim to simplify the esoteric world of patents and patent litigation. Through this product, patent counsels, academics and investors can visualize the complex web of connections between companies, inventions, and the science that underpins patent challenges.

Patent Edge™ Knowledge Graph
Patent Edge™ Analysis Tool

We are building our initial products with an eye toward the future. Mindgram’s mission is to organize information intelligently and accelerate research workflows across complex subject domains.

To accomplish that goal, we are putting together a team of analysts, engineers and research scientists to bring next-generation technologies and thinking to solving hard research problems at the intersection of finance, regulation, law and policy.

I’m excited to embark on this journey. Onwards and upwards!